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Teach USMC
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The purpose of this forum is to empower those who teach US Marines with inspiration, information, and mutual support.  

To that end, we ask that all participants follow our ground rules.

1. Please write in a manner that is both professional and collegial.  When in doubt, err on the side of formality.

2.  Please avoid vulgarity ("four-letter words") and profanity ("swearing.")  If you are quoting vulgar or profane words, replace them with symbols ("@#$%.")

3.  Please refrain from any action that would be insulting, demeaning, or embarrassing to other contributors to this forum.

4.  Please refrain from posting any classified information.  ("When in doubt, leave it out.")

5.  Please restrict discussion to topics related to improving the quality of instruction in military schools.  (If you wish to discuss something else, please discuss it somewhere else.)